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Great job openings in Almere and Barcelona

Agency inquiries for these vacancies are not appreciated

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State-of-the-art equipment
Relocation package
Free lunch, fruit, drinks and freshly ground coffee
Challenging hackathons and tech activities
Flexible working hours and office environment
Self-development by attending events and courses
Fun after-work company outings
Employee Participation Program

Our People

Some of us on working at Elements

Wouter ten Brink

Special Ops @ Elements Almere

At Elements my focus is on operations and processes. One of my responsibilities is to make sure that DevOps is running smoothly so our live apps keep working. My background in development comes in handy whenever it’s needed to assist my colleagues. If you love working on software and new technology you should definitely join our team!

Jeffrey de Looff

Medior Android Developer @ Elements Almere

As an Android developer I have been working on several new and maintenance projects where I could introduce new techniques and could investigate all the latest technologies and libraries. Elements is a mature and growing company with a great bunch of people from a lot of different countries with a positive vibe.

Remco Bakker

Lead Creative @ Elements Almere

Being Creative Lead means constantly pushing both creative and technological boundaries in a fast-paced industry. As the bridge between creatives and technologists, I’m constantly challenging people to be the best they can possibly be. Elements offers a fun working environment that empowers me to craft beautiful yet functional products.

Oleksandr Berezhnyi

Senior iOS Developer @ Elements Almere

I am involved in several very interesting and challenging projects, which help me to keep improving my skills. As a Ukrainian I very much like that Elements employs many different nationalities, while it still remains a relatively small company without bureaucracy. Sometimes I travel to client locations, which helps me to learn more about Dutch culture.

Barbara Dijkstra

HR Manager @ Elements Almere

I feel privileged to work with and talk to so many talented people every day. My challenge is to find great new additions to our team and making sure the talent we have stays happy. The thing I like most about Elements is the “give and take” culture, the fact that our best people take ownership naturally and the recognition of extraordinary performance.

Gerard Puig

Senior Python Developer @ Elements Barcelona

Leading a remote development team is a challenge by itself, from architectural to communication level. I like that I can constantly keep on learning due to the talented people around me and the new challenges and technologies I encounter. I really enjoy combining the best of both worlds: a high tech job in the Netherlands and living in Spain!

Yahia El Sherbini

Medior Python Developer @ Almere

Graduating from the junior program equipped me with the tools needed to approach and tackle different situations and challenges in my day-to-day work life. What I like most about Elements is the opportunity to grow into the developer you want to be. I am lucky to be able to explore IoT and embedded development and keep on learning.

Stephanie Nooijens

Office Manager & HR Assistant @ Elements Almere

For me working at Elements Interactive is different every day, because of the company’s continuous growth. What I like most is that we have a high diversity of people and nationalities but at the same time we are all equal. An open and informal company that puts employees first, that’s how I would describe Elements.

Lennart Lachmeijer

Head of Technology @ Elements Almere

I enjoy working at Elements because I work on the crossroad of technology and people every single day. Part of my job is making sure my co-workers can do their jobs properly and to facilitate them with any development needs. After all, a happy developer is a good developer!

Luis García Estrades

Medior Front-End Developer @ Elements Barcelona

One of the things I like most is the feeling of being loved and respected by my colleagues. Working in Barcelona lets me enjoy the good Mediterranean weather, food and culture and working for a Dutch company lets me enjoy their love for employees, the one-layer company structure and the idea that happy people perform better!

Upcoming Events

We are attending or organizing

There are no upcoming events scheduled yet!

Elements Academy

Will you become the next rising star?

At Elements we are always looking for new development talent. In order to find people with the skill set we are looking for, we decided to launch our own, in-house, junior developer training program, a.k.a. the Elements Academy.

Be sure to check out the blog posts on Medium participants of the training program wrote.

To qualify for enrollment, basic programming skills are required. Maybe even more important is that you have a passion for development and a hunger for learning. Are you ready to join the Elements Academy?


We started the program in 2015 with Python/Django back-end developers. Trained by our top-notch senior developers, the participants in the program are guided through a six-month training to forge them into skilled back-end developers ready for action.

Topics that are covered in the training program are: Python, Django, Git, test-driven development, algorithm design, Agile workflow and much more!


In April 2016 we have also launched a similar program focused on native iOS development.


We currently do not consider hiring new trainees.


Recruitment Process

What To Expect When You Apply


We’re super happy you are applying to one (or more) of our open positions!

Please tell us in your cover letter about yourself: your motivation, expectations of the job and company and your personality. In your résumé (or LinkedIn profile) we should be able to find details on your skills, previous job and projects you worked on and perhaps relevant hobby projects you have. Also make sure you mention your nationality, whether you live in the Netherlands, Spain, within the EU or elsewhere and, if applicable, if you have valid (working) permits.

After we receive your application our HR department and other relevant people will evaluate your cover letter and résumé and make a decision whether to move on to the next step. If your application is evaluated positively, we will invite you for either a first job interview or a technical test (if applicable for the position). We will also let you know if your application is not selected and give you a reason.

Find in the below sections more information about the different phases of our application process:

Job interview

So you’ve been invited for a first job interview, great! The first interview is usually held at our offices in either Almere or Barcelona, but sometimes, for practical reasons, done on-line through Skype.

The HR manager and the Head of Technology usually conduct the first job interview. In this interview, which will take about an hour, we will touch your résumé and skills, but primarily your personality, your job history, motivation and your passion. At the end of the interview we might also ask you to provide some references of previous employers or co-workers we can contact.


As a general rule we always advise candidates to be themselves during an interview. We invite you to have a look on our website, projects and blog to see who we are and what we stand for. Please be advised that to get an idea of your English language skills, the interview may be conducted in English.

Live interview

At Elements we don’t really have a formal dress code, because we want everybody to be themselves. So, perhaps unnecessarily to mention, there is no need to wear a suit for the interview, unless of course it empowers you!

Skype interview

If you’re currently not able to come to us for an interview (because you live on the other side of the planet), the interview will be held on-line using a Skype video call.

Please make sure you have sent us your Skype username before the interview starts and to be online at the agreed time. Please take note of time differences: Unless otherwise noted we assume time slots to be in our CET (or CEST) time zone.

Before the Skype call starts, please ensure that your internet connection is stable and your webcam works.

Technical test

If you are applying for a technical position, it is very important for us to get a clear picture of your technical skills. We do this with our own technical test. This is an assignment will be emailed to you and can be done from your own home and will take about 4 to 8 hours, depending on how far you would like to go. You can let us know when you have time to do the Test and when we send it over we will also set a deadline for handing it in.

The goal of the technical test is to get a global picture of your technical skills and the choices you made with the constraints of time and the assignment in mind.

In the next days, your work will be evaluated by two developers at Elements, including one Senior developer. They will not only look at the quality of your code, but also the structure, usage of external libraries, etc.

Please send back your work on time. You can either zip your code project and email it to us, or send us a link to your GitHub repository where we can check out your work.

Technical interview

When your technical test results prove that your skills are at the desired level, we will invite you for a second interview: the technical interview, which will also take about an hour.

This interview is focused on your technical skills and is conducted by one or two of our developers. With them, you will go through the code of your tech test submission. You will have the opportunity to explain why you chose for certain solutions and what you could have done to improve if you had more time.

Final evaluation

In the final evaluation, we will internally discuss the outcome of both interviews and evaluate your match with the company both culturally and technically and your personal traits. In this stage we might also check the references you have provided to hear what previous employers and co-workers can tell us about you. We will also discuss the other candidates that have applied for the same position.

When we are positive about you filling our open position, we will make you a job offer.

Sometimes we conclude that, while you seem to be a good match, we do not have an open position for you at the very moment and we will ask you if we may keep your information in file for future reference.

Job offer

Congratulations! We would like to have you on board in Almere or Barcelona as our new colleague! We have sent you a job offer, which, besides the gross salary compensation per month (the Netherlands) or per year (Spain) our job offer includes all other benefits that apply to your situation. Please review our job offer carefully and get back to us if something is unclear or if you have questions.

If you need to move to the Netherlands or Spain, our job offer might also include a relocation package to help you move, find housing and to basically let you land smoothly in your new home country!

We can also tell you more about the Dutch Highly Skilled Migrant program (Kennismigrant) and 30% Reimbursement Ruling advantage.

Open Applications

We are always looking for talented people. Even if you don’t find the exact job opening between our open positions, please feel free to send us an open application. Be more specific in your cover letter about what position you are looking for.

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Internships and graduation projects

If you are a student of higher education and looking for an internship or graduation project, you are invited to send us an application. Please give us much details on your study and your (technical) skills and previous projects you have worked on.

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