The techniques we use

Our Tech-Guides keep us up-to-date with the latest techs and tools.

At Elements we have 5 Tech-Guides. We designed this role so that our colleagues and clients have a 'go to person' for all their technical questions. The Tech-Guides are constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest techniques and development tools. They design a Way Of Work to give colleagues some guidance in our projects.

Also, at the start of every project the Tech-Guides will give advice on the best way to approach the technical challenge and meet the wishes of the client. Last, the Tech-Guides also align between all 5 techs, this way we are most effective and have a more accurate 360º view. Meet our 5 Tech-Guides below!

Marc - Backend

Hello world!
I'm Marc Benet, born and raised in the sunny Barcelona and acting as Back-end Tech-Guide @ Elements! During all my developer experience, like many others, I've had to learn and ramp up the hard way, learn by finding myself the answers, reading tons of documentation and following hand-cuffing ways of working.

Now thanks to Elements I have the chance to directly influence all the internal procedures within the company to make any technical journey painless for my colleagues and advice them to crack any technical challenge. My ultimate goal is to create together the fundaments by build of basic tools and guidelines for all developers in the company to unleash their creativity to build anything on top instead of caging their thoughts in mind-closed and extensive directives.

Luis - Frontend

My name is Luis García, natural from Canarian Islands, raised in Mallorca and enjoying Barcelona for the past 12 years. I've been geeking around at Elements for almost 5 years now, mostly doing Front-end arts for projects being used by hundreds of thousands of users every month, but lately relearning my Back-end skills to become the ultimate full-stack engineer.

Being full-stack allows me to have a high overview picture of a project, a deep understanding of the business needs, and provide contributions from several angles at once. I enjoy having a high impact on the team and brag about having relentless hunger for knowledge and being a specialist in being generalist. My position as a Front-end Tech-Guide allows me to nurture this hunger by investigating, trying, proposing, and embracing new stacks from the fast-paced Front-end world while aligning with other Tech-Guides.

I firmly believe that teamwork makes the dream work so I enjoy listening to all of what other's have to say while proposing new tools, discard rusty ones, and laying the foundation so the rest of my awesome colleagues can enjoy coding at Elements, venture in the Front-end world and enjoy as much as I do.

Jeffrey - Android

My name is Jeffrey de Looff and I’ve been working for almost 7 years now at Elements as a Mobile Developer (mainly Android). When starting out as a junior developer I was very curious and interested in new technologies (Kotlin/Jetpack/MV**) and applying them in our (new) projects.

In my role as Tech-Guide I’m able to continue investigating and advising projects/clients on a technological sound approach. This role is very helpful for clients and employees in order to have a go to person within the company for any technical questions/challenges. Within our Android team we discuss new Ways Of Working, new technologies or libraries and decide together the way forward.

At Elements we also have alignments across disciplines (so Android & iOS together, or with Back-end/Web) to decide among a shared Way Of Working. The most recent projects, such as Wie is de Mol?, KPN Thuis, KPN Nummerweergave and Afterpay, all share the same structure. This results in a familiar codebase to all Android developers and reduces context switching. This way we can focus on delivering cool features without the architecture coming in the way. To speed things up even more we maintain a Skeleton/Template codebase to easily start new projects without having to set-up everything once again.

Joan - iOS

My name is Joan Guerrero and I've been working for almost 3 years at Elements as an iOS Developer. During my developer career, I always had a personal interest in providing the best apps to the users and customers in all the subjects, including testing, maintainability, privacy and security among others.

Keeping myself always up to date as much as possible in our fast and growing IT world to provide the team with the best tools and practices in the field.

As a Tech-Guide I'm bringing the new topics to a discussion and implementation if we see some benefits, encouraging the team to follow always our Way of Working.

Mo Gorhom – React Native

Hi there! this is Mo Gorhom and I have been working at Elements for a year and half as Software Engineer and React Native Tech-Guide. My daily routine is to write and provide the most optimal solutions regardless of the platform or language. 

As React Native Tech-Guide I have the responsibilities to document and prepare the best practices for the team to ease the bootstrapping of projects and keep the team align with our way of work. Also to mentor and guide the team members to grow within the platform or in general software engineering.