Our main expertise

To develop the best web applications and mobile apps we use the latest techniques. As your technical partner we keep innovating every day. Here’s a list of things we’re good at.  

Platform and web applications

To build your platform or web application we make sure our Python Back-end and React Front-end are perfectly aligned.


Mobile app

To make our Mobile apps, we can choose to code in Native iOS and Native Android, or we use the cross-platform React Native framework.


Digital design

The web and mobile applications deserve the most beautiful designs. We have a design team ready with UX and UI experience.


Hitting the needs using
Agile development

We keep three core things in mind: your business needs, your user needs and feasibility of the product we deliver. Together with an Agile approach we make sure you quickly get the product your users actually need..

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Full-specialism with our Makerstreet family

We are part of Makerstreet, a family of 17 specialized agencies working together to build next generation digital products. Together we can build everything you dream of.

Our 4-steps
project approach

Depending on your needs, we can help you with all the different elements of the Agile product development cycles. These are the 4 simple steps:  

1. Get to know you

We want to know all about you: your challenges, goals, users and current tech. It’s about meaningful insights to give you advise on the best digital product. This way we won’t have any surprises during the process.

2. Choose the tech & design

We can imagine you already use some technologies and have a branding in your company. We want to make sure we align perfectly with them and make sure we choose the most sustainable technical solution for you.

3. Let’s create

If we are all on the same page, it’s time to start creating your ideas! We develop your digital product using the latest techniques we choose and make a design with the best User Experience in mind. All in agile sprints.

4. Improve it

The world is constantly changing, so after we deliver your product, we want to keep improving it. Do your users have any feedback we can improve? Do you want additional features you want to add? It’s all possible.

“Working together with Elements enables you to stop worrying about the technical side of things. Everything went smoothly and the project was a big succes.”

- Victor Reinier, KPN