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2017 - present

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WeRiot is a start-up founded in 2017. A group of like-minded people was convinced that the momentum was there to specialize on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, “super big data” and connected devices from various sources. WeRiot offers an open, modular, multi-purpose, flexible, GDPR-proof and on-premise solution that optimally integrates with already existing tools, cloud solutions, and machine learning engines. Elements was asked to create a branding and a website that delivers this message.

What we did
Concept Design, Art Direction, Visual Design, UI/UX Design, Motion Design, Webflow, website development


We started out with the discovery phase and target audience mapping. Once we understood what would be the best brand positioning, multiple brainstorming sessions led to the initial logo designs.

Both the logotype and logomark needed to be fresh and contemporary, so we suggested a recognizable brand design that uses clear, geometrical cut shapes.

Owl of Minerva

Symbol of knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity and erudition
Initial sketches

We shifted away from the curvy shapes and preferred a more geometrical approach
WeRiot owl

A more fresh, dynamic pictogram was chosen as the final logo

Visualizing tech in an understandable and logical way

Illustrations have the ability to reimagine reality in a way that is familiar yet delightfully uncommon, which makes it particularly useful when an idea is difficult to explain. We helped WeRiot to explain their complex technical solution with multiple linked components in a user-friendly way that cuts through distractions and relates complex structures quickly.

Isometric illustrations with the power of Adobe Illustrator

Illustrations not only make product design aesthetically pleasing, but also help users to understand the product functionality and behaviour better. Isometric illustrations are among one of the most favoured flavours of illustrators these days. An isometric image is a three-dimensional object represented in two dimensions.

we-riot.com website

Elements also created a new, responsive website for WeRiot. We chose a modern, clean website design with a clear call to action and low barrier for entry as it should convince potential customers to give it a try.

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