KRO-NCRV Boer Zoekt Vrouw website

The reality tv show Boer Zoekt Vrouw (Farmer Wants a Wife), broadcasted by public broadcasting company KRO-NCRV, is insanely popular in the Netherlands. In the last seasons over four million viewers followed the amorous adventures of the love-seeking agrarians every week.

KRO-NCRV asked us to develop a new, responsive website for BZV that can stand the test of time, both on desktop and — increasingly more important — mobile devices such as phones and tablets.


Focus of the project was on creating a logical and well-thought interaction design and visual design. As a first step in the development of the new design, our creative team worked on a mood board based to show we understood the design challenge and the emotion KRO-NCRV was after. This resulted in an interaction design and brand new, crisp visual design.

An information architecture and content inventory were made to ensure all relevant content of the old website would make it to the new design.

After completion of the design phase, we built the responsive website front-end and the back-end CMS in Python/Django. We also made sure all data connections kept working by implementing existing APIs to the website.

View the website at

See also the Boer Zoekt Vrouw app we created for iOS and Android.