KRO-NCRV Brandpunt website

Brandpunt (“Focal Point”) is a well-known, weekly Dutch journalism television program that brings background news stories and investigative reports diving deeper into news stories and current events. Dutch public broadcasting company KRO-NCRV asked us to develop a new website for their Brandpunt program as the old website was non-responsive and needed a refreshment on both the visual design and the front-end.

Elements created a new, rejuvenated visual style in close collaboration with KRO-NCRV’s design team and presented an information architecture, interaction design and an inventory of the content of the old website.

We developed the new responsive website front-end following the “mobile first” principles to ensure article pages with interactive graphics work smoothly on non-desktop devices such as phones and tablets. Detail pages are more important as users nowadays go straight to the articles from social media in stead of navigating from the traditional home page.

In this project we also connected the website to already existing APIs and implemented a CMS back-end in DjangoCMS to make maintenance easy for the content team.

View the website here: