McDonald’s Picto


Elements worked with Tribal DDB on the McDonald’s Picto campaign. Since the creation of the new Dutch McDonald’s app in 2013 by Elements we have kept improving and adding new features to the app enhancing the user experience.

The Picto campaign adds six sliding puzzles to the app that can be unlocked by discovering McDonald’s billboards equipped with beacons in the real world or banners online and scanning them using the McDonald’s app. After solving a fun sliding puzzle the user is rewarded with a coupon for a free product that can be redeemed in one of the McDonald’s restaurants. During the first campaign stage, users can play the puzzles for French Fries and the Big Mac. After that, a banner campaign will kick off enabling users to play the other four puzzles as well.

The Picto campaign was launched on February 17th 2014 and ran exactly one month.

Picto_images_01A-1 Picto_images_01B-1

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