VGN website

VGN, the Vereniging Gehandicaptenzorg Nederland (Dutch Association for Care of Disabled People) was in need of a fresh, new website.

As VGN’s long-term digital partner, Elements did the redesign of the website and re-developed the front-end in React. The new website was launched, together with VGN’s new logo and style, in December 2017.

The new website now has a fully responsive design to also facilitate smaller (mobile phone) screens. The new design now has a stronger focus on visuals to support the text content. Other visual improvements make it more pleasant to read the content.

The VGN website is a reliable source of information for policy makers engaged in professional care and support for people with disabilities. Developments in the area of quality, funding, and work in the disabled sector are highlighted and explained here. The website also provides information to journalists looking for point of views, facts and figures and background information on the subject. The website makes a positive contribution to the image of disabled care, as a social sector that is part of modern societies.

Visit the website here: