UX & UI design

Our designers not only create the most beautiful mobile apps, websites and digital platforms, but provide the usability they deserve. The UX of a product focuses on the ease of use and utility of the product. The UI focuses more on the 'look and feel', in short: how attractive the product is.

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Optimale User Experience

When using a mobile app or website, it is important that the user always has an optimal experience. This involves a combination of functionality and structure so that the user can find the right information and experience the product as useful. The purpose of the app or website must therefore be optimally attuned to the needs of the customer. Of course, this experience must also fit in with the objectives of the business and be technically feasible.

Attractive User Interface

Besides functionality, you want your product to have an attractive interface. UI is the design of the interface with the aim of enabling the user to operate it optimally and to present the information to the user as beautifully as possible. Through various graphical elements, the UI determines the 'look and feel' of your product. The appearance of a product has become increasingly important to users in recent years. UI and UX design go hand in hand and together they ensure the success of your product.

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Usability testing

With usability testing we test the usability of the product. This is an important step in the design and development process. A lot of time, work and money goes into making a product, so you want the user to be happy with it. Often a small number of people from the target group get to see a prototype of the product, then they are given assignments to go through the product. With this feedback you can optimize the product even before it is on the market.

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Creating the best digital designs

That is what we like to do most. Together with 60 professionals from our offices in Almere and Barcelona we are passionate about creating useful digital experiences that help brands and people move forward. We help you get ahead with the right designs and technology. Are you facing a design challenge? Or do you want to build an application together? Tell us all about it!