Share your energy with Powerpeers

Powerpeers offers a platform to share generated energy and lets clients choose the source of their electricity: from big energy generators to that neighbor with solar panels. It all comes together in the Powerpeers app we built for iOS and Android.

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Flikken Rotterdam mini sites

The cops from Flikken Rotterdam get help from fans of the tv show: As amateur investigators they can search for clues on hidden websites supporting the story lines of the show. Elements built the mini sites for broadcaster AVROTROS.

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Boer Zoekt Vrouw website

Holland’s most eligible farmers are back with a brand new website! Broadcaster KRO-NCRV asked us to create the new website with a responsive design.

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AfterPay app

With AfterPay consumers can pay for their online purchases after receiving them. We designed and built the app for iOS and Android to make it easy keeping track of invoices and payments.

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In his tv show MINDF*CK, Victor Mids blows people’s minds with a combination of illusion, psychology and nimble fingers. Elements created the app containing six experiments fans of the show can try safely at home.

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KPN Smart Wall

More and more KPN stores across the country are equipped with giant displays that react on passersby and provide interactive product information. Elements built the software.

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McDonald's app

The McDonald’s Nederland app for iOS and Android is used by millions to find the nearest restaurants and check out the latest loyalty coupons.

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MiniBrew revolutionizes the home beer brewing market. The beer brewing machine and the handy mobile app are powered by a smart and scalable backend system, created by Elements.

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MijnKPN app

The MijnKPN app serves millions of customers providing real-time insights in their phone subscription and bundles and offers options to change settings and order extras.

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