Connected apps

Internet of things for every application

Smartphones are a digital extension of their owner. We use them to make payments, open doors, control equipment in our homes, and monitor our health. These technologies are transforming our world dramatically. Elements builds apps to control these devices. That's the internet of things.

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IoT app development

To make devices 'smart,' they need to be connected to the internet. That's not very exciting. The challenge is the interface for communicating with a device or a set of devices. Think of sensors in a sprinkler system to water crops, a smart box to watch your favorite content on TV, or a mini-brewery to brew beer at home. We develop software solutions for every imaginable IoT application.

Combination of hardware & software

Devices are not inherently smart. A lot of development goes into making them that way, both in hardware and software. It's essential to weigh up where the complexity and logic belong for each feature. In the device or in a mobile app? We use IoT to make software and hardware communicate with each other.

“We’d like to keep things as simple as possible. Our processes, our company and our solutions”
- Erwin van Hasselt, Managing Partner bij Elements

Characteristics of our Connected apps

For the optimal operation, flexibility, and scalability of IoT applications, we use public cloud solutions. All data is securely collected and processed in the cloud, making it available for your mobile app, your online dashboard, or third-party software.


A scalable platform can quickly adapt to the demand or load of the moment. When there are many concurrent users, more resources are temporarily needed. Preferably, this happens automatically based on predetermined conditions, so the end user does not notice.

Data management

Through our API connections, we easily integrate your data into any desired application. Depending on your application, we offer both private and public data storage solutions for your IoT platform.

Connected apps for mobile and web

The IoT solutions we develop all come with the best possible user interface. Depending on the application, we build an iOS or Android app and develop a web interface for desktop. So you always have the most pleasant way to work in your platform.

Case studies of successful connected apps

Connected apps en IoT zijn de toekomst voor veel bedrijven en sectoren. Bij Elements hebben we  veel ervaring met het ontwikkelen en implementeren van deze apps. Hieronder vind je twee inspirerende cases: