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Experience and podcast in 1 app

A Podwalk app is a location-based audio tour app that allows users to listen to audio without using their smartphone. The audio is triggered based on the user's GPS location, ensuring a hands-off experience with the Podwalk app. Offering a unique experience based on your current location, while walking or cycling.

The integration with GPS allows all of this to happen seamlessly, with the phone locked and comfortably in the user's pocket. No users staring at their screens, but visitors receiving the message you want to convey at a relevant location. The Podwalk app is the solution for provinces, municipalities, and cities aiming to attract more tourists or focusing on tourism distribution. It's also ideal for tourist attractions, museums, and natural reserves. Just like the for the series the Story of the Netherlands, it can be effectively used for TV programs and series, as well as books and podcasts.

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Podwalk: the evolution of the podcast

After the rise of podcasts, the successor has emerged: the podwalk. Especially in times of COVID-19, this innovation has proven to get people out of their homes and walking. An important development in times when people spend increasingly more hours behind screens. The podwalk app from the Story of the Netherlands has already narrated around 60,000 stories and witnessed more than 200 million steps, eliminating the need for tour guides as visitors can explore on their own.

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Podwalk app: a sustainable solution

We've created the unique experience by harnessing the power of geofencing. Geofencing is a location-based technology, creating a virtual barrier around a physical location. When using a podwalk app, audio is automatically triggered as you walk through a geofence. Utilizing GPS location means no Wi-Fi or mobile network is required during the route. By playing audio snippets at points of interest, users discover more about a place in a distinctive way. And all this without being distracted or having to look at a (mobile) screen, a departure from the norm in most traditional audio tours.

Your own podwalk app in the app stores?

Interested in having your own Podwalk App available in the stores? Our whitelabel podwalk platform includes all the necessary features to launch your custom mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play store:

1. Fully developed UX design, optimized based on the experience of hundreds of thousands of users
2. Customizable Visual Design tailored to your organization
3. Cost-free scaling for up to 10 routes
4. Free use of our calibration tool for route planning
5. Complimentary maintenance and aftercare during the license period
6. Technology suitable for walking, cycling, and driving

Think of the whitelabel podwalk app as an app that is 90% complete, with the final 10% being tailored specifically for your organization.

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1. One-time costs: setup, design, content implementation, submission to the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store, and functional testing.
2. License fees: use of the whitelabel Podwalk platform, maintenance, and aftercare.

1. One-time costs

iOS or Android only
Both platforms: iOS and Android
21% discount

2. License fees

3 months
€500 per month
1 year
25% discount
€375 per month
3 years
40% discount
€305 per month
5 years
50% discount
€250 per month

Your own podwalk app in 3 steps

"Considering your own Podwalk app? By utilizing our whitelabel Podwalk app, only a few steps remain:

  • Route development. Plan the route. Already have a route? Then we can proceed quickly.
  • Audio development. Write an audio script and record the audio. Need assistance? We have partners for that.
  • Implementation. We then integrate your branding, all audio and routes, and the visual design. After testing, we launch the apps to the stores.
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