Mobile app development

As your partner in tech, we are building your next level mobile apps using different techniques. We code in Native iOS, Native Android or harness the cross-platform React Native framework.

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Next-level mobile applications that gives your brand the best native experience. We make sure you quickly have a user-friendly iOS app.

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Mobile apps that make a splash. We code in Native Android so you'll have the best app with all the technical components you need.

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React Native development

Coding for Android and iOS at the same time. You can quickly have a user-friendly app that works perfectly on both platforms using a reduced code base.

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Wie is de Mol? app screen
Mijn KPN app screen
Powerpeers app screen

Ticking all boxes with
Agile development

Your business has needs. So do your users. And the product needs to be actually feasible. With our Agile approach to development,
we come up with a solution that ticks all boxes.

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Elements is onderdeel van agency collectief Makerstreet

Proudly part of the MakerStreet family

We're part of MakerStreet – a family of highly specialised agencies who regularly join forces. From marketing to innovation, research to visual design, we've got you covered.

Projects tackled
in 4 steps

Depending on your needs, we handle everything during the Agile product development cycles.
We tackle projects in 4 clear steps:  

1. Get to know you

What are your goals? Current tech? And what about your users? During this step, we collect insights to advise you on the best digital product. This way, there won't be any surprises later.

2. Choose the right tech

You probably already use tech in your business. Your brand is probably on point, too. Here, we perfectly align with your tech and brand, choosing the most sustainable technical solution.

3. Create and code

Everyone on the same page? Great! Time to create. Using the latest tech, we develop your digital product, designing for an unparalleled user experience. All in Agile sprints.

4. Perfect the product

We don't stop after delivery. In fact, we're only just beginning. Do your users have feedback on the product? Want to add features? Now's the time to tweak, perfect and expand.

“Thanks to Elements the WIDM app worked perfectly Saturday night, despite the never seen 50.000 requests per second!"
- Finus Tromp, AVROTROS