Interact in 3D without headgear with Dimenco's Simulated Reality.




2018 - present

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Dimenco is a Dutch company focused on delivering revolutionary 3D screen experiences since 2010. With their 'Simulated Reality' (SR) technology, they are aiming to change spatial visualization market and the future of human computer interaction. Dimenco truly turns science fiction into reality.

What we did
Concept design, Art direction, Visual design, UI/UX design, Motion design, Front-end development, WebGL development

Simulated Reality is a peek into the 3D experience of the near future.

Simulated Reality provides a completely new way of interacting with virtual content. The integrated sensor technology of Dimenco enables everyone to simply reach out and interact with 3D objects as if they were real, without headgear or any controllers or input devices. There’s absolutely no learning curve, you can simply walk up to the display and start interacting intuitively.

Dimenco has a beautiful innovative product with a lot of potential which made a big impact on the CES in January 2019.

Building the 3D interface for the Simulated Reality app store.

Dimenco challenged us to come up with a concept for a content store that allows future users to navigate through purchases and downloads while using the unique characteristics of their screen. 

During the initial brainstorms it was concluded that we would want a 3D store where the products would literally be “in your face”, coming straight at the user. But, interacting with objects in a real-life 3D space wasn’t that easy and forced us to come up with new ways of interacting with objects.

Nebula, a WebGL universe for users to travel in and explore.

In order to show all the possibilities of Dimenco's innovative display, we created a 3D WebGL shopping experience. Hopping from planet to planet, Nebula allows you to discover apps and games specifically made for Simulated Reality.

Project outcome

It’s fun and very satisfying to see the concept come to life on the actual Dimenco 3D screen and play around with it. Seeing and 'feeling' which things are good and which things need to be adjusted helped us a lot. Really experiencing the product makes a huge difference because you actually view the product through the eyes of a user.

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