PIM Identity app: Control over personal data

For PiM, a Personal Identity Manager, we developed an identity wallet to give users full control over the data they share with organizations through an app.

Mobile Development, React Native
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Due to increasing digitalization, there are more and more online services where we need to enter our data and prove our identity. Identification can be done in many ways, but in almost all cases, the organization where you leave your data becomes the custodian of your personal data. KPN reverses the roles and puts you in control of your own data with one smart app: PiM.

PiM stands for Personal Identity Manager and is an identity wallet that gives users control and insight into the online use of their personal data. You determine which organizations are allowed access to your data and for how long. For both business and personal applications, the app enhances the online security of users and prevents fraud.


100% correct personal details

The personal data in the PiM app is validated through various sources.

Safe against fraud

In PiM, personal data is optimally secured with biometric login and encryption techniques.

Our approach

Digital Identity

The PiM app, which allows users to manage their digital identity, has been developed to enable secure online transactions and sharing of personal data. With the app, users have control over their digital identity, including personal data, and have the ability to share data with other individuals and organizations without the need for a central authority. Users can grant and revoke access rights, ensuring that they are always in control.

In collaboration with KPN PiM, we developed the mobile app for this identity wallet. This allows organizations to comply with GDPR regulations, provide a secure way for users to log in, and build customer trust. Additionally, automated processes ensure reliable checks without human errors. And perhaps most importantly, organizations only have access to the data that is necessary for their purposes. Personal data that is not relevant to that organization remains protected.

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The frontend of the mobile app was developed using React Native, allowing for the development of a single app from one codebase for both iOS and Android. The core technology of the identity wallet, where data management takes place, was developed by the backend team at KPN.

To ensure a cohesive user experience, modern React State Management tools were used. React state management is a way to manage and manipulate data within a React application. The "state" of a React application is a collection of data that can change, such as form values or selected items in a list. This allows developers to manipulate the data within the application and update the screen display so that the user always sees the correct information. This is an important aspect of React development and can help create interactive and user-friendly applications.

The front-end codebase is primarily written in TypeScript, which provides all the features of JavaScript, plus some additional benefits. TypeScript inherently encourages developers to write clean code, making the code more manageable and scalable.

Other key features available in the application include:

* Biometric login, such as Face ID and Touch ID
* Automatic log-out due to inactivity: Automatic log-out is used to protect against unauthorized access.
* iDIN and iDeal integration for secure online identification
* ID verification to verify your identity and validate data to be shared. This is done through the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) data and NFC chip in a passport, driver's license, or identity card.
* Liveness Detection: to prove that you are really you. Liveness is detected by having users perform a simple task, such as looking at a moving object on the screen or making a simple head movement.

PiM combines a secure app with easy operation to serve a broad audience. Therefore, a lot of thinking and research has gone into developing the various user flows. Users can create multiple profiles, such as for business and personal use. The app has a high level of security, with certain data not fully displayed, such as the mobile number, email, and address being shielded with asterisks *. Additionally, PiM's identity wallet has a lock after 5 incorrect login attempts. To regain access, the onboarding steps must be repeated.

Mobile identity is the future

The ultimate goal of PiM is to provide users with a single app that brings together multiple applications and data sources that transcend domains. A passwordless world where individuals can identify themselves both online and physically, proving that they are indeed the person they claim to be. The Personal Identity Manager opens up the world without allowing it to intrude into the individual's domain.

Identification in simple steps

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Passwordless is the new standard

PiM's ambition is to become a market leader in mobile identity management in both the business and consumer markets. The need for this solution is growing as the use of digital tools increases, and online verification regulations become stricter. In collaboration with the KPN backend team, Elements continues to develop the identity wallet, adding new features that allow users to securely manage their digital affairs and remain in control.

Download the PiM-app in de App Store or through Google Play.