Campercontact: The number 1 motorhome community with 1.000.000 users

Campercontact is a large, up-to-date collection of places where people can travel to with their motorhomes. They are the largest in the Netherlands and together we developed their mobile app so Campercontact is ready to also conquer all of Europe.

React Native development, Mobiele app development
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Campercontact is thé place for inspiration and orientation, not only while planning a camper trip, but also during the trip itself. Find nearby locations, view ratings and photos from other travellers, and plan your entire route ahead. In 2021, there was a nearly 30% increase in camper purchases compared to 2020. Travelling with a motorhome has never been more popular.

With the growing number of users and locations, Campercontact needed to renew their platform and the mobile app. All data had to come together clearly and quickly for the users. Elements therefore developed an app for Campercontact using React Native, which can be used on both iOS and Android devices through a single codebase.


40.000 locations

With user-generated content from motorhome owners

1.000.000 users

In 2022 Campercontact will reach 1.000.000 users

Our approach

A scalable React Native app

Together with the scalable backend, the mobile app had to keep growing with the number of users. In addition, the app should not only be available online, but also offline. And not just in the Netherlands, but anywhere in the world where the user is travelling. The choice was made to build the app in React Native, using a modular codebase that can be easily shared with the web application and the backend. 

The project was a collaboration within the MakerStreet network, where the backend was built in low-code platform Mendix, the design was created by Soda and the frontend of the web application was provided by Touchtribe. Together with building the mobile app, we helped Campercontact from start to finish with a new online visibility. Making large amounts of data available for users was an important keypoint. In addition, the offline use of the app was important. After all, you don't always have internet while travelling. We realised a smooth transition between online and offline use of the app.

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Working with a Shared codebase

The consistency and accessibility of data was an important component for Campercontact. Therefore both the mobile applications and the web application use a shared codebase, so that all data reaches the user in a consistent way. The information is therefore always up-to-date, no matter which platform you use. We centralised data fetching and parsing logic so that both platforms get the information consistently without running the risk of implementing logic in a different way on one of the platforms. Users can also quickly filter through this data with ElasticSearch, this way they always see the correct information. 

The React Native app is linked to this codebase, all actions done in the app are immediately updated in the backend. Whether this is adding (information about) a location, creating a new user or upgrading to a pro account. The advantage of coding in React Native is that the adjustments only have to be made in one codebase. When you encounter a complex problem you only need one solution, where normally you would have to hire two specialists. This saves both time and money making a mobile app.

Functionalities of the app:

- Download regions for offline use
- Add locations, photos and information
- Available in 6 languages
- Extensive quick filters
- UX aimed at the target group
- Interactive maps with routes

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Ready for the future

With already 40.000 locations and 1.000.000 users in 2022 Campercontact is ready for the future. The large amounts of data are clearly displayed for the user, with extensive filtering possibilities. By using React Native, additional features can easily be added to the app. The mobile app shows an increase in positive ratings in both the Appstore and PlayStore. 

Also need a mobile app that can handle a lot of data? Then get in touch with us.