Eurovision Song Contest app

Developing a mobile app where all viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest can vote live for their favourite act. Due to the popularity of the contest the app must be able to handle a high number of users at the same time.

Native app development for Android and iOS, Python backend development.
Release date

Elements developed the Dutch Eurovision app in cooperation with Avrotros. The Eurovision contest was held the 18th, 20th and 22nd of May in Rotterdam, with 41 countries competing for the title. During the final around 4 million Dutch were watching the show live, worldwide this number was 180 million.

In order to handle the extreme high peaks of traffic influx before, during and after broadcasts of the show, the backend platform is fully optimized and scalable. The project was directed by AVROTROS who worked inclose collaboration with Elements, WeRiot and Praegus.


Over 7 million ratings during the live shows

Due to the popularity of the Songcontest event, over 250.000 people downloaded the app and started rating the acts.

High performance backend to handle peaks

To guarantee a stable performance of the app during the liveshow, the back-end was optimized to handle high loads of users.

Our approach

Develop an app that is able to handle high numbers of users

The design of the songfestival app was developed by Avrotros. Elements was responsible for developing the app and backend. The backend of the app is based on the 'Wie is de Mol' app. In the app user create a profile and can rate the acts while the act is live on tv. The users can rate the acts on the three items: song, act and outfit. The ratings can be shared with your friends and you can get an insight on the voting of all Dutch users.

The ratings from friends and the Dutch average ratings could be seen near real-time in the app. To make this possible the backend was optimized to update the averages every 20 seconds in the app. During the liveshows Elements also made sure that the app was always running in-sync with the live show. Ratings were only open when the acts were performed, and users were notified they could start voting once the official lines were open.

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Handling the peak loads and running the live show scenarios

Given that the Songfestival is a popular show on tv, high user numbers were expected. Together with Avrotros user scenarios and numbers were defined. One of the starting points was the backend being able to handle 1 million ratings per song. Given that a song takes about 3 minutes, this was rounded off to being able to handle 6000 ratings per second.

Another important aspect of the app was running ‘in-sync’ with the live show. The timelines of the live shows, were broken down in scenarios and reflected in the app. Per (semi) final the main scenario’s were: a countdown to the start, acts are performing, official voting lines open, official voting lines closed and results are in. While the acts are performing the app is opening up the acts in the app for rating per acts that is live at that moment.

All the preparation paid off, as the app and backend performed very stable during the live shows and the app was running smoothly in-sync with the live shows. A total of about 250.000 viewers used the app give ratings to the app. About 7.6 million ratings were given during the semi finals and final.

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The Eurovision app

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Getting a liveshow experience

You can download the Eurovision app for Apple and Android. Before the show this app is filled with news and you can get all the information about the participating acts. During the liveshow the voting functionality will be added. Through this app AvroTros wants to expand the liveshow experience and give the audience the possibility to interact with the show and each other.

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