Eurovision Song Contest: Give your vote during the liveshows

Developing a mobile app where all viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest can vote live for their favourite act. Due to the popularity of the contest the app must be able to handle a high number of users at the same time.

Native app development for Android and iOS, Python Back-end development.
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Together with Avrotros Elements is building the Dutch Eurovision app. The Eurovision contest will be held from 18-20 May in Rotterdam, with 41 countries competing for the title. This show attracts around 4 million Dutch viewers every and 180million worldwide viewers every year.


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Our approach

Build AvroTros an app with high user numbers

Based on the wish list of Avrotros we adapted the designs of the different app screens. TheBack-end of the app is based on the Wie is de Mol app. Users make a profile and give their vote to the participating acts based on the ‘song, act and outfit’. These votes can be shared with your friends and you can get an insight on the voting of all Dutch users.

This requires a lot of the apps Back-end, the information needs to be up-to-date for the users at all time. Also the users can only give their vote when the songstarts in the show and until the official voting lines are closed. These scenario’s need to work at all time. Every 20 seconds all statistics are updated in the app, so the users always see the right information.

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Testing scenarios and workloads

For this app, the 18 different scenario’s that can occur during the 3 liveshows have been tested thoroughly. Think about these scenarios: ‘The show didn’t start yet’, ‘The show started, but performance X didn’t’, ‘The act ended, but the official voting lines are still open’ and ‘The official voting lines are closed’. These all require different screens and different links to the Back-end for the right voting options.  

During the liveshow we expect a lot of users. That’s why we simulate this user number upfront, to see if the Back-and can handle the requires. This way the app and its architecture will be optimised before the liveshows in May.

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The Eurovision app

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Getting a better liveshow experience

You can download the Eurovision app for Apple and Android. Before the show this app is filled with news and you can get all the information about the participating acts. During the liveshow the voting functionality will be added. Through this app AvroTros wants to expand the liveshow experience and give the audience the possibility to interact with the show and each other.

Are you looking for a mobile app with a scalable Back-end? We are happy to tell you about the possibilities.  

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