Mindf*ck: Magic and Science meet in one app

Mindf*ck is the popular television program of AVROTROS, hosted by illusionist - and physician - Victor Mids. In this primetime television show, he astonishes celebrities and lesser-known individuals with a combination of illusions, psychology, medicine, and nimble fingers. For the 2017 season, the program introduced a mobile app that allows viewers to try out some inexplicable illusions and scientific experiments themselves.

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2017 & 2018

Elements, in close collaboration with AVROTROS, designed and developed the Mindf*ck app. In the app, built for iOS and Android, Victor Mids guides the user through six interesting experiments that can be safely conducted at home. One of the experiments, for example, focuses on the Thatcher effect, where an inverted photo of a person's face appears less normal once it's returned to its original orientation.

In March 2018, the app received a major update for the new season, adding six new experiments.


"The most popular app of the moment: Victor Mids' Mindf*ck app. Perform tricks on people and learn how they work."
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Illusions Unveiled: The Scientific Principles behind Mindf*ck Tricks

The app provides access to six experiments known from television. One of the most popular is 'Mindf*to,' where you upload a selfie or someone else's photo and see the result upside down. The person in the picture appears to be smiling until you rotate the image, revealing the mouth and eyes turned upside down, giving the face a devilish look.

Another experiment is the 'intuition test,' where you choose a card and try to swipe it away when the cards are shown in reverse. The app also includes videos of Victor Mids explaining how the experiments work, with a logical explanation afterward. After watching and performing the tricks, there isn't much else to do with the app, except handing the iPhone to someone else to see how they get fooled.

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Interactive Learning: The Educational Value of the Mindf*ck App

What's also interesting is that the app not only provides entertainment but also has educational value. With Victor Mids' explanations afterward, users gain a better understanding of the scientific principles behind the tricks and experiments. This can contribute to increasing awareness and knowledge of scientific principles among a wide audience.