Share energy with the Powerpeers platform.




2016 - present

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Powerpeers, part of Vattenfall, provides a platform to share renewable energy. Consumers or companies can offer their surplus of generated electricity to customers with a need for (additional) energy. Through the platform, users are able to select the renewable energy sources of their choice, varying from big energy generators to a local wind park or that neighbor with solar panels on their roof. The platform offers full transparency and proof by matching the time of production and usage.

What we did
Native app development for iOS & Android

The app

Elements developed the mobile app for iOS and Android in close collaboration with Powerpeers. 

In the app, users can select from what source they would like to receive their electricity, track and understand their energy consumption and — if they also offered their electricity on the platform — monitor who is receiving.

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In the self-service section customers can change many things themselves: From changing their period billing amount to their energy source and view contractual information and reports about their consumption and the costs.

Strategy, concept and app development

For both iOS and Android we built a 'native' app. Since the app showed a lot of information and data, we had to take extra attention to the architecture of the app and the communication with the back-end. Some animations and transitions had to be optimized for this in order to give end users a smooth app experience.