Increased brand loyalty with the new mobile app.




2017 - present

Radar is a popular Dutch television show that about consumer affairs and is committed to a better treatment of consumers by companies and the government. They confront companies and try to be on the consumer’s side of things to give them a stronger voice.

What we did
Concept design, Design Sprint, Visual Design, UI/UX Design, React Native mobile app development

Radar’s need for a more relevant app

Public broadcaster AVROTROS challenged us to help them connect with the fans of the show. The format has been around for quite some years with some 1.5 million viewers each week. AVROTROS believed a new mobile app would improve direct connection with their audience.

Their original app offered only one-way traffic through a contact form which people could use to tell Radar what issues they have come across.

Rethinking the Radar app
from scratch using a design sprint

We started out with talking and gaining insights on Radar and their audience. Who are the target audience and what are their needs? Talking to the users really helped us understand them better.

With AVROTROS' Radar team, we compressed a full design sprint into three days to take a deep dive into everything that is Radar. What is it the users are looking for and how to help them discover more? The goal was to strengthen their relation with the Radar brand.

During the design sprint many ideas came up and a prototype was created. On the last day, the prototype was tested with real users to find out what could be improved before starting to build the app.

A design sprint is a very valuable and low-cost tool to quickly validate ideas and gather insights before even writing a single line of code.

UX Design

With a solid idea about what must be achieved, we went into shaping the user experience (UX). In the first sprint we created the design of the app architecture and user flows, the visual designs for the most important screens and the animations.

React Native and the challenges we faced

The app was built in React Native and, agile as we are, it had to be adjusted to match the capabilities of the React Native platform. We did not want the animations and transitions of the app to interfere with the general performance, because users expect a smooth experience and be able to find their content quickly.

End result

With the new and improved app, the Radar team actively engages with their audience and helps users to find articles and news at any time of day. With the option to follow subjects and to save articles for later, this app helped Radar take big steps towards personal relevance.

I'm interested!

A happy client and happy users, for us that means success. We have recently released the app and received a lot of feedback. Also, many users immediately helped us to make the app even better. The Radar app was in the top three of news app in the Dutch App Store for two weeks.