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Zeilscholen.nl is a Dutch startup which mission is to help parents and kids find camp offers from the best sailing schools in the Netherlands and provide an easy and intuitive way to book.

What we did
Concept design, Art Direction, Visual Design, UI/UX Design, Front-end development, Webflow

Project brief

Client Watersportverbond represents its members by promoting the water sports in general and supporting the various water sports associations.

Elements was asked to design and develop a new website to stimulate interest in sailing for kids in the Netherlands and to provide the member schools a platform to offer their sailing camps.

Defining the audience

Together with the client, we first defined the target audience for the platform. It became clear that the target audience consists of the parents, perhaps unfamiliar with sailing, interested having their kids join a sailing camp. This also satisfies one of the other goals of the Watersportverbond: to spark more interest in water sports in general.

One of the most important insights we gathered from some interviews, was the fact that the website should be focused mostly on mothers, as we found out that they usually do the bookings. We also found out that kids are also an important user of the website. With that in mind, we decided to make some subtle changes to the already existing brand.

Refreshing the appearance to appeal to the right audience

We introduced softer colours to make the brand feel more friendly. It was also decided to get rid of capital letters because the general feeling was that the brand doesn’t have to “shout” for attention. We also decided to use the logo separate from the name, to have a compact brand logo to work with.

zeilscholen.nl website

Elements’ UX team came up with a design and content plan for the platform. We have used storytelling to guide the users through the website and give them practical information about sailing, sailing camps and the benefits of learning how to sail for children. 

Answering two simple questions takes the user to the overview of sailing schools: for how many of their kids would they like a spot and in what week? Each sailing camp has a detail page, where parents can learn more about the sailing school, the costs involved and what a week of sailing in the offered sailing camp looks like.

I'm interested!

If they feel like it would be a good match, they can book a spot right away. 

The website was developed with Webflow to offer a user-friendly CMS solution for the client to add and edit content easily.