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Part 1: Why did we make the Growth Framework?

The entire growth framework is found here: Growth Framework Elements

Growth Framework: your journey at Elements

Do you ever wonder where you stand in terms of your professional skills within the company you work at? At Elements we believe in transparency towards colleagues regarding this. This is why we created the Growth Framework. This way you know where you stand in terms of expectations, skills and areas for improvement. We all have them. Let’s talk about them too. 

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Why did we make the Growth Framework?

One of the most vital parts of working somewhere is knowing where you stand. Are you growing? Do you need to improve skills through projects, a course or do you focus on your soft skills? What is expected from you? Above all, what is the next step? 

The Growth Framework showcases exactly this. It allows you to be able to talk about the skills you possess and the ones you need to improve on. Together with your manager you also discuss what the expectations are from either side. It then allows you to be able to place yourself on a ladder that shows you which level you are at, and what the next step is. In terms of skills and title. 

‘When I first came to Elements, I didn’t think that I would end up being a Team Lead, and the Growth Framework gave me insight into my competencies that I was not aware of yet, and what the possibilities were if I were to take the next step in my career. - Marco Driessen, Team Lead iOS Developer'

Where is my promotion? 

Milestones are often undersold. People feel like they do not receive the recognition that they should be getting, and are not celebrated for what they bring to the table. The Growth Framework allows for recognition, and celebration. When are you due for a promotion? The Growth Framework will tell you. 

It also makes it easier to recruit people, by recognising and differentiating the skills needed for  a job. A job in HR will require strong empathic and communication skills for example, while a junior developer would not necessarily need to excel at these, at least not to the same extent. Different jobs, different focuses and different skills. 

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One last thing…

One thing is important and has to be kept in mind: everybody is different so it’s difficult to build one framework for everyone. We need to keep it up-to-date as the world and our colleagues are constantly changing. It’s never finished, never ending and ever-growing. It’s always changing. It’s always customisable. In the end every colleague is different,  so the framework is not a checklist; rather it is more a guideline.

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May 30, 2023

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