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Backend webinar: Monitoring Microservices & Scaling Devops

On Thursday the 17th of June we hosted our second webinar. For this one we handled two very interesting backend topics. First, David gave a talk about ‘Monitoring Microservices’. Second, Mattias gave a talk about his ‘Scaling DevOps teams’. With 26 attendees from both the Netherlands and Spain we had a very interesting and engaging Thursday afternoon.

You can find the recording of this webinar bellow.

Monitoring Microservices

For monitoring microservices you can use many tools, David chooses using a Istio Service Mesh. Istio is great for when you have a complicated microservice architecture. It allows you to have a better handling, control, and monitoring of your entire platform.

After explaining the foundations of Istio, David gave a live demo of using it. He showed how you can monitor and fix errors quickly using this platform.

Scaling Devops

Changes are inevitable but often painful, especially in larger organisations. Mattias has a lot of experience guiding DevOps teams and setting up a “paved road” during these changes.  He helps team grow in maturity, increase adoption of technologies/tools and enable innovation at speed.

Mattias explains the benefits of a paved road and how you keep is scalable. Using examples from his daily work.  

Recording of the webinar

We understand you maybe couldn’t join our webinar, that’s why we recorded it.

Do we see you next webinar?

 After this successful webinar we will for sure give some more webinars soon. We will keep you up to date through our Meet-up pages. We have one for Barcelona and one for the Netherlands, considering we will be meeting in real life someday soon.

Join our meet-up now:

Barcelona meet-up

Nederland meet-up

We hope to see you soon!

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Jun 27, 2021

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