.nspire app

.nspire is the one new app to give you recommendations and inspiration to spend your free time, whether you’re looking for a trendy restaurant, a great concert or a fun cooking workshop.

You can directly reserve a spot for an event, buy that book or book concert tickets directly from within the app. Top 10 lists curated by .nspire’s knowledgeable editors makes it even easier to stay updated on the latest events, books and restaurants. The app lets you create your bucket list for all the ideas you get using the app.

Based on the information the user wishes to share, .nspire provides them with many inspirational ideas. The engine improves the recommendations based on profile, gender, age and interests. By applying machine learning techniques, the engine continuously becomes better and better over time.

The app incorporates third-parties content providing:

  • Restaurants (Eet.nu & Dining City)
  • Events (Eventbrite)
  • Cultural happenings (Tiqets)
  • Snackable media content (Zoomin.tv)
  • Books (Bol.com)

More sources and content will be added in the future.

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