KPN Smart Wall

Omnichannel in a future-proof store with KPN's Smart Walls.




2016 - present

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It is no news that buying behavior has changed considerably in recent years. KPN therefore decided in 2014 that things had to change and decided to thoroughly update its physical store formula. By adjusting and modernizing the store experience, KPN wanted to connect better with the buying behavior of today's customers and with that halt the decline in store traffic. In addition, there was a need to also give substance to an omnichannel experience in the stores.

What we did
Experience design, UI design, back-end development, front-end development, Python/Django, sensor technology, touch interface

The challenge

For the new omnichannel experience KPN decided to build Smart Walls in their stores. The goal was to better align with current and future shopping experiences and target for a 100% omnichannel solution. 

We experienced a number of major challenges during the project. One was the interaction with touch screens of this size as it needed a totally new UI approach. Working with screens of this size is totally incomparable with website or mobile app interactions. Also, the technology with infrared and Kinect was initially not as intuitive and responsive as customers expected.

Another insight was that many store visitors do not immediately interact with the touchscreen themselves. To overcome that barrier, we offered challenging content that invites people to play with the screen. For example, in the form of quizzes, puzzles, videos and surprise elements when visitors are close to the screen. Last but not least, the Smart Walls also needed to enable the interaction of customers and KPN staff with one interface.

Connecting a complex back-end to a user-friendly experience

With our experience and knowledge of KPN's back-ends and front-ends, we have succeeded in connecting the primary KPN systems and creating the relevant experience that is needed in the stores. The queue management was also linked to the screens. This way, both the customer and store employees know exactly who's turn is next. We used Python/Django for the back-end and AngularJS for the front-end. In addition, sensors were used to make the Smart Walls even more attractive and interactive.

The new retail formula merges the virtual and physical worlds for the ultimate user experience

Technological developments are radically impacting society and our approach to customer service. The new stores reflect KPN’s omnichannel approach by integrating online shopping and customer centers. By doing so, the number of contact moments with customers is increased. The new stores are a physical manifestation of the KPN website where customers can touch and test the latest technologies to find the best products and services to make their life and work easier and more fun. 


Futureproof Retail awarded KPN the ‘Red Dot Honourable Mention Award’ in the ‘Design Concept 2015’ category. The front-end, which was specifically designed for Smart Wall, has been translated to tablet formats for the store staff.
From the start, the number of Smart Wall sessions has grown by 300% and the number of page views even by 560%.

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With the Smart Wall, KPN shows that it is an innovating company. Together with the narrowcasting platform, the Smart Walls offer the possibility to directly respond to promotions and ongoing campaigns. In this sense, the shop experience is the same as the online experience. Omnichannel at its best!