4JIM is a new drama television show created by public broadcasting organization KRO-NCRV. The show follows fictitious Jim, completely recovered from a battle with cancer, and his group of friends. No more chemotherapy, no more hospital visits: Jim is cancer-free and is now determined to get the most out of life. Jim and his friends visit the coolest music festivals and have the time of their lives. In addition, they all try to complete Jim’s bucket list through challenges during the festivals they visit. It will be a summer to remember and also a summer that needs to be captured on camera!

Viewers of the show are asked to help and star in the show using the unique smartphone app. Every week new assignments from Jim will appear in the app, so fans can make Jim’s summer even more awesome! The app, featuring Shoot2Share’s video capturing capabilities, enables users to create and edit videos and take pictures and send them to Jim who will choose the best footage to include in the show. By sharing personal memories and experiences the public will make Jim’s summer richer, both online and on tv! And the best part is: everybody can join!





Elements Interactive worked closely with the production team of KRO-NCRV to design and develop the app for Android and iPhone. Elements is KRO-NCRV’s partner in building mobile apps and has worked with them on various successful apps, such as Boer Zoekt Vrouw, Keuringsdienst van Waarde, Spoorloos and many more since 2012.

In February 2016, 4JIM received a TV-Beelden award for best second screen concept.

You can download the app for free from the respective app stores.