BNN-VARA Spuiten en Slikken app

Spuiten en Slikken (“Shoot and Swallow”) is BNN-VARA‘s popular TV show about sexuality and drugs that has been aired for over ten year on public television. For the latest season a brand-new smartphone app was created to playfully educate the youth about sensitive topics such as sex and drugs.

Who knows the most about sex and drugs? You or your friends? And how well do you know each other really? Spin the wheel, collect as many coins as possible, fill your stash and use cards to wipe out your friends. Who will eventually be the one and only Spuiten en Slikken end boss?
— Spuiten en Slikken App Store description

Elements was asked to create a new design based on the style of the graphics used in the TV show and the new website. In a few iterations, the multi-player quiz game in its current state was developed.

The app revolves around a “Wheel-of-Fortune”-like wheel containing several question categories. In every new game, the first player spins the wheel and sets the topic for the game. After answering five questions it’s the opponent’s turn to answer the same questions. The faster the right answer is given, the more points a player receives. In addition, players can also put special cards in position to counteract the opponent or get an advantage for themselves. These special cards can be “purchased” with in-game currency players receive when winning games.

The game also features Facebook login, a search engine to find friends, a short tutorial and an opportunity to gamble and win new cards, points or coins after winning a few games. In the weekly, monthly and all-time leader boards players can see who’s boss!

The app was sunsetted in June 2018.