KRO-NCRV Brandpunt+ website

Brandpunt (“Focal Point”) is a well-known, Dutch journalism platform using bringing cross-media background news stories. The television show Brandpunt is one of the oldest news shows on the Dutch television (existing since 1959) and is focusing on a more in-depth and investigative approach of different news items. In 2016 Elements realized a new website for Brandpunt which corresponded with their more classical and traditional approach.

In 2017, public broadcasting company KRO-NCRV was aiming for a more modern image of Brandpunt. Therefore they were moving to an integration of the website and television show into one cross-media platform. They also changed the topics of the stories they are covering, changed the name of the platform (now Brandpunt+) and worked with Green Berry to create a new branding.

KRO-NCRV asked Elements to translate the new branding and look and feel to the Brandpunt+ website. Elements based the design for the website on the branding and style guide provided by Green Berry and worked in close collaboration with KRO-NCRV to re-launch the website early 2018.

View the website here: