TNT Selfie Box

In the world of logistics, everything seems to revolve around speed, systems, error margins and remote cost monitoring. Not at TNT though. At TNT everything revolves around the people. From this idea the new campaign arose: “TNT. The People Network”. The campaign started out internally, with a unique, self-developed tool: the Selfie Box. Forty of these boxes traveled around the world, so TNT people could photograph themselves and upload their pictures directly to the special site. More than 22,000 people in 58 countries participated and submitted their selfie.

In close collaboration with Red Urban, Elements created the app for Android that takes the selfies and sends them to the backend.

The app was not released to the public.

In April 2015 the TNT Selfie Box won a Bronze Esprix award.

TNT-Selfiebox-Image1 TNT-Selfiebox-Image2 TNT-Selfiebox-Image3