Zeilscholen.nl redesign

A clean and modern look for zeilscholen.nl

The Netherlands and water; they are inextricably linked. There is our famous coastline, but the inland has a fascinating landscape of ditches, waterways, canals, lakes and rivers. Our mills, pumping stations, polders and dikes are world famous. Almost a third of our country is below sea level and is made up of 6.200 kilometer of waterways. And very often we have heavy winds.

All that water makes The Netherlands a perfect spot for watersports such as sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and canoeing. These watersports are practiced by recreational sporters, competitors and professional watersporters. The Dutch Watersportverbond (watersports association) consists of approximately 400 watersport organisations who have over 80.000 members.


Project brief
The Watersportverbond represents its members by promoting the watersports in general and supporting the different watersports associations which are a member.

Elements was asked to design and develop a platform which would help to gain more interest in sailing among the youth in the Netherlands and to provide the different sailing schools a platform to offer their sailing camps.

Approach & outcome
Elements and the Watersportverbond defined the target audience for the platform together. It became clear that the target audience are the parents who have no knowledge about sailing, but might be interested to have their kids join a sailing camp. This specific audience also serves one of the goals of the Watersportverbond, which is to spark more interest in watersports.

Together with the Watersportverbond, Elements’ UX team came up with a design and content plan for the platform. We’ve used storytelling to guide the parents through the website and along the way teach them about sailing, sailing camps and the benefits of learning how to sail for children.



At the end of this first chapter we hope to have made them enthusiastic about sailing camps and try to find a matching sailing school for them. The search option for a sailing camp was setup very simple and usable for parents who are not very familiar with sailing and the different type of boats used in sailing.

Answering two simple questions takes the user to the overview of sailing schools: for how many kids do they want a spot and which week? Every sailing camp has a detail page, where parents can learn more about the sailing school, the costs involved and what a week of sailing in the offered sailing camp looks like. If they feel like it would be a good match, they can book a spot right then and there.

The website was developed with Webflow to offer a user friendly solution of editing and adding content for the Watersportverbond.

Want to learn more about sailing or are you interested in booking a sailing camp, check it out at: www.zeilscholen.nl